Guide to Styling Long Hair with Soft Curls

Long hair is very versatile and therefore can be styled in a number of ways. Because ladies with long hair and a job don’t really get so much time to visit a stylist every now and then because of their demanding schedules, we have compiled a list of simple, easy to imitate hairstyles for long tresses. Here’s a small guide to styling long hair with soft curls easily and at home only.

Styling long hair with soft curls

Long hairs can be styled with soft curls in a number of ways. You can opt for curling iron, flat iron and even rollers to curl your long hair. If you are surprised by the mention of flat iron for styling long hair with csoft urls, there isn’t anything astonishing about it. We’ll guide you exactly how to use a flat iron to curl your hair and also put waves into it.

Using a curling iron

Before you begin styling your long hair, always wash and condition them with a deep moisturizing shampoo and a good conditioner. Always blot dry your hair and then follow it up with a hairdryer. You need to dry your hair completely for the perfect soft curls. When the hair is dry, it will not only hold the soft curls, but will also add volume to the roots and lock in the style too.

Once you are done drying your hair, spray some volumizer or texturing spray on your hair. If you have coarse or curly hair already, then apply some straightening balm to tame your hair. Follow it up with a heat protecting spray so that your hair stays safe from the heat. Then, use a ponytail holder to separate and hold your hair in three separate sections.

Always use a wide barrel curling iron to curl your hair. The ideal width is about 1.5 inches thick. Take a strand of hair from one section, spray it with spritz and then wrap the portion around the curling iron. Wrap the hair till the roots but take care not to burn the scalp. Also, leave the ends to avoid any sort of crimping in your hair. For tighter curls, hold for about 20-30 seconds and for loose soft curls, 10 to 15 seconds will be more than enough. You will get corkscrew curls if you hold the iron longer.

Once done, spray holding spray over the soft curls and then pin them up using bobby pins and secure them close to your head only.

Always follow the direction of the hair while you wrap them around the curling iron as they will then produce natural looking curls. Once the pinned up curls are cold, and this won’t take more than a few minutes, you can unpin them and separate using your fingers. Don’t brush them out because you’ll end up spoiling all your hard work.  If you want to add some shine to your hair, add some hair serum to them. Also for holding the hairstyle for long, set with hairspray but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Using a straightener

Flat irons in the market today, especially those with ceramic plates, can be used to serve a lot of purposes rather than only straightening hair. The ceramic plates produce negative ions and are gentler on your hair as compared to infrared heat.


  • If you have thick hair, use heat between 350-400 degrees
  • For fine or thin, damaged hair, use heath below 300 degrees
  • For normal hair, use between 300-380 degrees

Similar to using a curling iron, shampoo and condition your hair and then apply a heat treatment on them. Always use the heat treatment while your hair is still wet. Always detangle your hair properly before dividing them into small sections. Follow the heat temperatures listed above as per your hair type as more heating makes the styling uneven and also burns the hair.

Once you are done sectioning your hair, take a strand and press it between the plates of the straightener. Make sure to be as close to the scalp as possible without burning it. Apply gentle pressure and pull the iron down towards the tips of the hair at a very even pace. Don’t ever let the iron stay on one spot for long.

When you reach the bottom, turn the flat iron in any direction, either left or right, and then simply glide through the rest of the hair. You will just have to curl the iron one to two times in any direction you want throughout the length of your hair. Once you are done, pin up the curls and allow them to cool down for a while. Voila! You will have beautiful curls without much hard work and effort in no time at all. Spray some holding spray or hair spray in moderate amount to hold the style.

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