How to regrow hair naturally

How to regrow hair naturally

Hair Loss – How to Arrest it and regrow hair naturally

Hair loss has been one of the most important health issues, which disturb women the most. Of course hair loss is seen in both the genders, but in case of women, it naturally becomes a more pertinent and more disturbing issue, as hair plays an extremely pivotal role in the looks and personality development of women in a more stringent way, than it does for men.

Appearance of hair loss in case of females is absolutely different from its appearance in case of men. You will hardly see women going totally bald or even partially bald, unlike men. This is because unlike men women do not have any bald spots on their crown of head. Thus, when it comes to hair loss in women, it strictly involves thinning of hair and deterioration of the quality of hair, unless in exceptional cases like the patients of Alopatia Areata, Alopatia Globalis or Alopatia Totalis. However, these are only exceptions and are diseases and have nothing to do with the natural balding – both in men as well as in women.

How to regrow hair naturally

There are a number of so called hair tonics and herbal shampoos, hair oil and other products available in the market today. No matter what the manufacturers of these products may claim, most of the women today would prefer to know how to regrow hair naturally, as that is the safest way to regrow hair, with no side effects whatsoever. However, before we get into that, let us look what results in loss of hair in women as well as men.

Medical causes of hair loss in women

The most common reasons behind loss of hair in women are associated with medical conditions and in some cases, hormonal changes. Many of these are reasons behind hair loss in men as well, though there are certain causes, which are specific to women only.

Some of the most frequent reasons behind hair loss in women include changes in hormones during various stages of their lives, prolonged medication for the treatment of certain diseases and during pregnancy and childbirth, onset of menopause and the likes. Needles to say, these reasons are uniquely women –specific.

If we speak about the reasons behind hair loss that are applicable for both men as well as women, they include physical stress, excessive intake of Vitamin A, lack of proteins and Vitamin B, heredity, anemia, hypothyroidism, and so on.

There are some specific reasons behind the hair fall of people

When it comes to medication, certain drugs can very well contribute to female hair loss, like anti–depressants, birth control pills and blood thinners, chemotherapy and anti-cholesterol drugs, and the likes. Prolonged illness, surgery, anemia, bulimia, fungal infections, excessive Vitamin A and quite a number of other factors and medical reasons can result in hair loss in women.  Besides all these reason, genetic reasons are another more important reason behind hair loss in women as well as men.

Now let us come to the main point of this discussion – how to regrow hair naturally

More and more people – both males and females are opting for natural ways to grow in natural way. Excepting hair loss as a result of menopause or age, there are some excellent ways to regrow hair naturally.

Let us see.


This works for both men as well as females, wherein meditating for at least 10 to 15 minutes will be more than enough. Medication will lessen the mental stress and will improve overall health. As a result of reduction of mental and emotional stress, there are certain hormonal changes, which in turn.

Food habit

This is another way to regrow hair for women and men, wherein the amount of sleep and the good habits combine to help regrowth of hair. However, it is imperative to keep in touch whatever food is taken, the intake contains enough iron, vitamins and proteins, omega 3 fatty acid as well as certain minerals, each of which his responsible for good growth of hair.


Proper head massage is also needed to promote proper growth of hair in men as well as women. Proper massaging of the scalp with the use of fingertips stimulates blood circulation, which drains out the toxins. Use of coconut oils, olive, castor, Almont or sesame further helps in the prompt regrowh of hair.

Besides, there are a few more natural ways to regrow hair naturally

application of onion juice, apple cedar vinegar, egg mask, aloe vera, sour card, Indian gooseberry, roots of licorice, Hibiscus leaves or flowers, juice of beetroot, coconut milk, tea decoction, Shana seeds, spinach and lettuce juice, egg white, potato juice, application of grape seed oil, safflower, fenugreek, and potato juice also arrest hair loss and helps in hair regrowth for men as well as women.

As far as the diet in concerned, men are advised to add biotin in their diet, which increase the production of keratin for MSM. They also need to have Vitamin-B complex nutritional vitamins in their diets. All these not only make the hair stronger and healthier, they work upon the quality of the hair, making it glossy as well as light and free flowing.

Hence, when it comes to hair loss in men and women, there are a number of treatments to control it and help in the regrowth of hair. However, the best way to arrest loss of hair and help in its regrowth is to fight this problem in a natural way, as this will have hardly any side effect on the hair, and this is applicable for both men as well as women!

With a little caution the issue of hair loss can be arrested and can be cured to the fullest and when it comes to stopping hair loss and helping the regrowth of the hair, the best way in which it can be done, is the natural way, as it does not contain any side effect or long term ill effect on the hair.

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