How To Take Care Of Your Virgin Hair Extensions

Since they are made out of natural human hair and have not yet undergone any hair treatment process, virgin hair extensions are almost always much expensive than synthetic ones.

In addition, this kind of hair extension usually come from a single person and has not yet been contacted to chemicals that are believed to treat hair strands but actually damage them especially with continued use. With this in mind, it is important for someone who wears virgin hair extensions to know the ways on taking care of them.

Here are some useful tips that you might want to consider:

Tip 1: Shampoo your hair extensions regularly.

This is very important particularly if you have recently styled your hair. But before shampooing your hair, experts suggest that you wash your hair first with warm water and conditioner. This technique can help your hair get rid of any tangling while being washed with water. In addition to that, this procedure can help your hair become more manageable during drying.

Tip 2: Condition your virgin hair extensions along with your natural hair.

Conditioning your hair can prevent matting and flaking. These two common hair problems are a result of dryness and loss of moisture in the hair. Plus, applying the right amount of conditioner on your natural hair and virgin hair extensions can boost healthy hair growth. As a result, you will have an amazingly smooth, soft and silky hair.

Tip 3: Deep condition your hair extensions.

Hair conditioning and deep hair conditioning is quite different. Deep conditioning is a treatment that can do more wonders to your hair than a simple conditioning process. It helps discharge natural hair vitamins by penetrating your scalp. Further, this treatment prevents your virgin extensions from shedding and drying out.

To deep condition your virgin hair extensions, all you have to do is combine an instant repair treatment solution and organic coconut milk conditioner. Then, apply the mixture all over your head. Thoroughly comb your virgin extensions and natural hair. After that, it is advisable to cover your hair with a treatment cap and sit under a hair dryer.

After 30 minutes, wash away the treatment and conditioner from your hair. Do this process at least twice every month, along with regular shampooing and conditioning.

Other Important Things To Remember

Aside from the tips above, consider the following concerns to ensure the lasting beauty of your virgin hair extensions:

When Brushing

When brushing your hair, be sure to use a brush with soft bristles. Also, start brushing your hair from the extensions up to the natural hair. Meaning, you’re going to soft brush your hair from the bottom to the top. Brush your hair at least two to three times per day and do it with care.

When Styling

When styling your virgin hair extensions, be careful while using blow-dryer, hair curler and hair iron because heat can cause lasting damage to your hair. If possible, do not use a hair dryer at all. Just hang your hair and let it dry on its own.

When Swimming

Too much water exposure can damage your hair. So when swimming, be sure to wear a treatment cup (the one made from plastic). Also, water combined with chlorine can cause your hair to tangle.

When Sleeping

Never ever sleep with your hair wet. Be sure that your hair is all dry before going to bed.

Avoid applying too much shampoo, conditioner and other treatments on your virgin hair extensions. Also, avoid hair products with too many chemicals, and always consult your hair experts.

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